Digital Dental Implants

Sometimes there are no options for a tooth, but to be extracted.   Fortunately we have dental implants to replace those missing teeth.

This tooth was extracted because it had fractured too far to be saved.  The implant was placed, and then was restored in one-visit with a digital process.    Because the ceramics were machined in the office, it was easy to get a great blend of colors and translucencies to match the adjacent teeth.

digital dental implant

A Better Way to Do Crowns

Crowns are coverings over the diseased tooth.   Our practice avoids them as much as possible, but when they are required, we go to great lengths to make them look fantastic.

They are completed in one-visit with NO impressions or temporaries.   We take the hassle of getting crowns completed!

This molar had an extreme fracture through it and it was very painful.  Think of a broken bone that will not heal.  The ceramic crown is completed with a digital machining system immediately when the fracture occurred.   This high strength digital crown holds everything together so life can go on!

digital dental crown

Life Changing Cosmetic Make Over

Cosmetic makeovers are NOT always to get your teeth Hollywood white.  Many times it is completed to solve a long-time problem of avoidance, neglect, or embarrassment.

A comprehensive work-up is completed before any treatment is completed, but when it is, it can be dramatic.   Especially considering we do this in one day.   Really.

cosmetic makeover

Easy to Replace Amalgams

There are a number of ways to replace old metal restorations!  Don’t worry, they are easy to get out!   With this example, they were replaced with “composite resin.”  It is a tooth colored material which is placed directly into the teeth.   It is simple and economical.

replace amalgams


We Avoid Crowns

Crowns are sometimes a required treatment modality, but if we can avoid them, we do.  There are other ways to restore a tooth in great need of help.   We can take out the “bad parts” of the tooth and leave the “good parts!”  🙂

We use a digital CAD/CAM system that can customize any sized piece to restore the tooth.   No impressions!  No temporaries!   No kidding!

ceramic onlay

Cosmetic Makeover

Dental ceramic veneers are coverings over the front surfaces of your teeth.   They are very versatile to change many cosmetic concerns.

We remake your smile in one-visit with the latest technologies and dental materials available today.  No temporaries.

thin veneers